As women, we are all radiant  

Maybe, as you look around, you recognize this as truth in many of the women in your life or those that you admire from afar on the internet.   

But have you struggled to claim this as truth for yourself at times - or the majority of time?

When I think about the word radiant, the characteristics that come to mind are brilliant, captivating, worthy, cherished, beloved

And as I’ve spoken with women over the years, it’s been clear to see something we all have in common: an inner critique that likes to tell us we do not embody these traits. Lies that say we’re less than - not good enough.

I started Jesinia to design jewelry that would draw out the inner radiance of women, creating statement pieces with a statement: a statement of truth that you could wear as a reminder in your every day that you are not the lies you hear in your head.

Each piece is hand-crafted with every stone, element, and bead being hand-chosen to bring about a specific feeling and experience – to remind the wearer of truth: their identity, their beauty, and their worth. These truths are reflected in the name of each necklace and collection concept. 

We all struggle with the lies of our inner critique. But that is not who we are. That is not who I am. That is not who you are. And we need to be walking reminders of that for ourselves, and for the women around us.

As you put on your Jesinia piece in the morning, may you be reminded of the truth of who you are. And may you serve as a mirror to women around you to remind them of their truth too.   

In my current season, I’ve chosen the Captivating Necklace as the piece I need to wear as a reminder of who I am. It helps reorient my mind and heart to the truth that I do have a light to offer the world

I can’t wait to see what pieces you connect with. It’s my honor to design and create with your heart in mind. 

You are radiant, friends. 

Keep shining,